Germanium lenses

germanium lenses

In the range of 2-12 μm, germanium is the most commonly used material for the production of spherical lenses and windows for high efficiency infrared in the imaging system. Germanium has a high refractive index (about 4.0 through 2-14μm band), usually do not need to be modified due to its low chromatic aberration in low power imaging systems.

Germanium optical performance

Germanium optical performance is severely affected by temperature; the transmission rate decreases with the increase of temperature, most applications with Germanium elements involved can only be applied below 100 degrees Celsius. Designers also need to pay attention for certain weight constraints in system design with a density of germanium (5.33 g/cm3). Germanium is mainly used in the thermal imaging system and infrared (FLIR) field.

It is critical that the surface of the material has a promising finish and good transmittance. Hyperion Optics provides 40-20 surface quality Ge Lensesas factory standard products, with up to 1/4 lambda in surface accuracy. Our outstanding CNC lathe capability has leveraged our machining efficiency to meet rapid delivery. Ge aspheric lenses stand up well to harsh environments and we offer the most popular sizes with Anti-Reflection Coatings. are also available for your application; please refer us Aspheric Lenses for more information.

High resistivity hemispherical lens available

Available with AR or DLC coating

Available in a wide variety of diameters and focal lengths

Our germanium opticsare all tested with our Zygo interferometer and spectrophotometer as standard testing items to ensure superior quality. Refer to our typical manufacturing specs for your information below.You can also contact us for manufacturing limit or custom specifications.

Germanium Lenses




Diameter Tolerance(mm)

+0 / -0.05

+0 / -0.03

+0 / -0.025

Center Thickness(mm)




Radius (%)




Focal Length Tolerance (%)








Figure Tolerance in λ(Pow/irreg)

5 - 2

2 - 1

1 - 1/4

Centration (Arc min)





Coating (T% avg)

96% @ 3 - 5um / 7 - 14um. 95% @ 4 - 12um


Optical Grade Germanium

Hyperion Optics is a professional premium supplier, we provide Anamorphic Lenses, Collimating Lenses, Fisheye Lenses, Beam Expander, optical assembly manufacturing, ge aspheric zoom lens, germanium ir window, infrared lensesand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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