Sapphire Lenses

Sapphire is the best medium for spherical lenses that require a broad spectrum of light transmission and high optical clarity, especially in demanding applications such as laser system or working under harsh environmental conditions. With its excellent hardness, high thermal conductivity and resistance to chemical acids and alkalis, sapphire’s physical property is hard to machine, also requires unique polishing techniques.

At Hyperion Optics, our technicians are able to deliver excellent accuracy exactly customers ask for, no matter the finished products are used through infrared wavelength or within UV range, our sapphire products suit following applications:

Endoscopes & medical optical applications

Infrared (IR) sapphire optics for laser systems

Sapphire optics for LEDs & lighting applications

Sapphire lenses, reflectors & holders for fiber optics applications

Sapphire light pipes & light guides for IR transmission

Our precision sapphire lensare widely used in imaging optics, chemical and erosion resistance front surface optics as well as focusing lenses.

Sapphire Lenses




Diameter Tolerance(mm)




Center Thickness(mm)




Radius (%)




Focal Length Tolerance (%)








Figure Tolerance in λ(Pow/irreg)

5 - 2

2 - 1

1 - 1/2

Centration (Arc min)





Coating (T% avg)

96% @ 3-5um/7-14um. 95% @ 4-12um


CZ Optical Grade Sapphire

Hyperion Optics is a professional premium supplier, we provide Anamorphic Lenses, Collimating Lenses, Fisheye Lenses, Beam Expander, hyp design, sapphire glassand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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