Gaabor Electric Kettle

Gaabor, a professional electric kettle factory, produces electric kettles featuring high power in boiling water, which may even make you doubt whether the waiting time is too short or whether the water is really boiled. Due to its large capacity, Gaaborelectric kettle can boil one kettle of water, enough for 2-3 people to drink. As one of the leading electric kettle supplierin China, Gaabor assures you that there is no doubt about the quality of Gaabor products.

Electric Kettle Design

The electric kettle is designed with double layers from scratch to prevent burns and protect your hands considerately, which can effectively protect users against burns. In addition to the basic functions, an imported temperature controller is equipped to ensure that you will not drink half-boiled water. The electric kettles produced by Gaabor, the leading electric kettle manufacturer, are made of strictly selected materials. The food-grade stainless steel is finally selected, which is characterized with stable performance, safety and health.

How Does an Electric Kettle Work

The electric kettle potcan heat water evenly from bottom to top, which can save your time by boiling water quickly. The vapor generated by the boiling water can cause the bimetallic sheet of steam temperature sensing element to deform, which can serve as a lever and push the power switch to automatically cut off the power supply of the electric kettle after the water is boiled.

How to Clean an Electric Kettle

The scale in the electric kettle can usually be removed with vinegar. Fill some vinegar into the kettle and the fill in water. After boiling the mixture, keep it in the kettle for one night. After pouring out the mixture of vinegar and water the next day, boil water in the electric kettle several times and pour out the water. The scale can be removed.

Gaabor Electric Water Heater Kettle Advantages

Specialising in the field of home appliances, Gaabor is a professional electric kettle factory that you can trust in terms of both quality and functionality. Our electric kettles have high quality, excellent craftsmanship and global fame. As a leading electric kettle supplier, we also have a qualified after-sales service team, which assures you an excellent shopping experience.

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