Industrial Microwave Circulator

Dolph Microwave offers a standard product line of Industrial Waveguide Circulatorfor 915 and 2450MHz. Using standard waveguide flange, the product covers a wide frequency band and complete categories. Taking the WR340(2450MHz) for example.

Datasheet of Industrial Microwave Ferrite Circulator

WR340 Waveguide Circulator

Electrical Specifications



Frequency Range


Insertion loss


20 dB

Average Power

Up to 15 KW

Peak Power

150 KW





Net Weight

FAQs of Industrial Microwave Circulator

Clarification of Industrial Microwave Circulator

Industrial Microwave Ferrite Circulatoris a device with three ports. Its characteristic is that it can realize one-way transmission of high-frequency signal energy. It can control the transmission of electromagnetic waves along a certain circumferential direction. This characteristic of one-way transmission of high-frequency signal energy is mostly used between the high-frequency power amplifier output and the load, which plays a role of mutual independence and "isolation".

Work Principle of Industrial Circulator in Microwave Engineering

The unidirectional transmission principle of the industrial four port microwave circulator, 3 port circulator in microwaveis due to the use of ferrite gyromagnetic material. This material produces gyromagnetic properties (also known as tensor permeability properties) under the combined action of an external high-frequency wave field and a constant DC magnetic field. It is this gyromagnetic property that causes electromagnetic waves propagating in ferrite to be rotationally polarized (Faraday effect), and the energy of electromagnetic waves is strongly absorbed (ferromagnetic resonance).

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