Hont Cable Ties & Electrical Wiring Accessories For Sale

Looking for professional cable tie wholesale suppliers? Hont electrical co ltd is sure to have all types of cable ties that fit your installation requirements. Our bulk cable ties wholesale has a wide selection range from cable tie material(NYLON, PE, Stainless Steel), and color to different functions (standard, releasable, push mount, etc). Not to mention that all of our cable tie wraps, zip tie straps, and stainless cable ties are designed to meet common industry standards and the majority meet UL certificates.

Wire & cable ties are essential components of the cable management process and one of our many electrical wiring accessories. Our supply of cable ties for sale is available in small quantities or in value packs of 1,000 to 10,000.

Different Types Of Cable Ties & Electrical Wiring Accessories

Using UL Certified NYLON 66 from ASCEND AND INVISTA as materials, our cable ties for sale have the same performance as the standard self-locking cable tie. Whereas, by improving the head design of cable ties, Hont Patent Cable Tie HTA series have better tensile in the same width dimension. The improvement is about 25%, which can replace the bigger tension in the application, giving buyers different choices and competitive cable zip ties price.

Professional in making quality zip ties, Hont Electrical Co ltd provides different types of zip ties for sale, such as cable straps, zip tie cable clips, locking cable ties including industrial strength zip ties, commercial zip ties, nylon ties, etc. Now, our bulk buy cable ties are already sold to more than 140 countries, and in some markets, Hont Patent commercial cable zip ties have already taken a major share and have a very reputation worldwide.

How To Use Zip Ties For Cable Management?

The most common types of cable ties normally consist of a flexible nylon strip with an integrated rack and pinion, with a ratchet wheel inside a small open housing at one end. If the tip of the cable tie wire is pulled over the casing and over the ratchet, the wire to tie cable will not be pulled back; The resulting aviation zip ties are likely to only tighten, so as to further achieve the effects of zip tie with push clip wire management.

Cable Tie Design

Normally, the common cable ties for sale will only allow several cables to be bound together into a cable bundle or to form a cable tree.

Cable wire zip ties tensioning device or tool can be used for applying a cable wire zip tie with a specific degree of tension. The tool can cut off the extra tail flush with the head to avoid a sharp edge which might otherwise cause injury. Light-duty tools are operated by squeezing the handle with the fingers, while heavy-duty versions can be powered by compressed air or a solenoid in order to prevent repetitive strain injury.


Cable Tie Material

As the most common material for bulk cable ties, nylon is a tough cable tie material with good heat resistance and abrasion resistance. Cable tie material is also resistant to fuels and most chemicals. Nylon 66 is the most commonly used grade for cable zip ties and meets the UL94 V-2 flammability rating with operating temperatures ranging from -40°F to 185°F.


Cable Tie Tensile Strength

As one of the leading cable tie wholesale suppliers in China, Hont provides a wide cable tie selection. You can find the existence of our zip ties wholesale in residential cable ties applications, industrial cable ties applications, and commercial zip ties applications. Before buying tie wraps for your application, please make note of the cable tie strength for your need.

Understanding Different Width of Cable Tie Tensile

The minimum tensile strength is the standard that the load capacity a wire zip can hold. This is determined according to the Military specifications and Standards of the international market. Different widths of cable ties list different minimum zip tie tensile strength. The tensile strength represents the safety weight a cable tie can hold with its width. Providing customers with high-quality cable ties, Hont offers different zip ties wholesale such as nylon cable straps and nylon cable zip ties that always hold more capacity than the standard ones. And the weight provides a baseline for customer use in safety conditions for installations.

As an example, suppose you need to run a line that is 480 lbs. To ues in a safe condition, you would need at least a minimum of 4 wire cable straps at a tensile strength of 120 lbs each, spaced correctly so that each cable zip tie's load capacity does not exceed 120 lbs in order to run the cable line without the cable tie-breaking down.

How Does Hont Controls the Quality of Cable Tie

  1. buy zip ties in bulkis higher than the international standard.

  1. china cable clampteeth to ensure each wire zip goes smoothly.

  1. cable tiematerial and finished product. In this way, Hont ensures our cable ties wholesale could absorb enough water and store longer time without break.


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