Double Grill Pan

Double Sided Non Stick Grill Pan

Make food easily and conveniently, reduce the spread of kitchen odor and smoke. Close the double boiler tightly while cooking.

Equipped with additional functions such as a smart oil pan, even when the upper pan is fully opened, it can prevent moisture from dripping onto the stove.

High-quality non stick double burner grill pan, flip cooking. Gas stove compatible. Best for grilled vegetables, sandwiches, and pan-fried fish are all great.

Specification of 2 Sided Grill Pan



Package Dimensions

‎‎3.15 x 16.73 x 2.36cm


‎2 Liters



Item Weight


Features of Double Grill Pan


The handle stays cool and comfortable on the stovetop. Ideal for Tandoor and BBQ cooking at home

Easy to cook and clean with fewer fumes and odors

Features of Double Grill Pan


The pan provides even heat and pressure distribution to cook food thoroughly on both sides, resulting in 40% faster cooking

Features of Double Grill Pan


The magnetic closure seals the pot securely, and the pot can be turned over while cooking without dropping any contents.

Now the die casting double grill pan priceis reasonable, if you have needs to buy a double burner grill pan for gas stove, please contact us.

We are a professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy die-casting non-stick custom made cookware. We are fortunate to cooperate with Master Group and Vanward and have won the trust and support of customers.


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