Altitude Test Chamber

Temperature Altitude Chamber

Model: YCTL-080 YCTL-150 YCTL-225 YCTL-408 YCTL-800 YCTL-1000

Main Parameters:

Temperature range: 0℃/-20℃/-40℃/-70℃ ~ +150

Pressure range: RP~ 0.5Kpa

Temperature fluctuation: +/- 0.5℃(normal pressure)

Temperature uniformity: +/- 2℃(normal pressure)

Description of High Altitude Low-Pressure Test Chamber

Overview: High altitude test chamberis used to check the environmental adaptability and reliability of instruments, electrical products, materials, parts, and equipment under low pressure, high temperature, low temperature. It is also called thermal vacuum chambers and temperature altitude chamber. Yuanyao's high vacuum chamber for saleoffer a temperature range of 0℃/-20℃/-40℃/-70℃ ~ +150℃ and a pressure range of RP~0.5Kpa. They also have a temperature fluctuation of +/- 0.5℃ under normal pressure and a temperature uniformity of +/- 2℃ under normal pressure.

Application: High altitude test chamber can simulate a variety of environmental conditions including temperature, altitude, and humidity, which is important to those manufacturers whose products may be shipped by air. The altitude test chamber is mainly used in aviation, aerospace, communication industry, electronics, and other industry.


High altitude low-pressure test chamber is a chamber that provides a vacuum environment to simulate the high altitude condition.

The high altitude test chamber is used to test the product's reliability performance at high altitude.

The pressure in the high pressure test chamber can be reduced to the same as the air pressure at a specific altitude.

Except for high altitude simulation, the chamber can combine temperature, altitude, and optional humidity for simultaneous environmental testing.

Under low pressure, high temperature, low temperature single or simultaneous conditions.

The combination of these elements can be accurate to simulate the real situation that the product may encounter at different heights.

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