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Ergonomic memory foam hollow has the characteristics of temperature sensing and pressure reducing, which can also be called a temperature sensing and pressure reducing material. It was invented to relieve the pressure on astronauts and protect their spine.

Ergonomic Foam PillowPrinciple

When the human body contacts the material, the material will sense the human body temperature, gradually become soft, at the same time absorb the human body pressure, so as to adjust the human body to the most comfortable posture. What is shown on the mattress and pillow is that when a person lies on the mattress and pillow, the spine is S-shaped natural physiological bending state when he lies on his back, but not when he lies on his side. At the same time, the mattress and pillow have no pressure on the human body. Whether lying on the back or on the side, it is better to sleep on one side of the pillow. When lying on the side, the head and neck are all sleeping on the pillow, and the neck will not be suspended, so it is comfortable and natural. Let the cervical spine in the sleep state can be fully relaxed and relieved.

Symptoms of People in Need

Having neck discomfort, have neck symptoms, have a very high sensitivity to pillows, the current market pillows are not very comfortable to use, and the economic situation is OK.

For feeling tired, mentally ill, insomnia, etc. You can use the pillow with a calming effect. Please change the pillow in time. Ergonomic memory foam pilot can effectively solve the above problems, which is a good choice.

People with abnormal blood circulation and difficult to warm their limbs, it is recommended to use the fitness pillow with blood circulation promotion and the most recommended function to correct the cervical pillow at present, such as this ergonomic memory foam pillow. This kind of functional ergonomic memory sponge pillow, generally using memory cotton, is designed in accordance with human engineering mechanics, which can play a role in protecting the cervical spine.

Parameters of Ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow



Pillow core

Smash memory sponge


Soft broken sponge pillow, semicircle design is good for neck health

We are a professional memory foam manufacturersof standard & custom size memory foam for a wide range of comfort and support applications such as seating, matting, ergonomics, etc. Types of bed foam products including pillows, cushion, mattress, mother&baby care pillows can be fabricated with customized sizes and designs. We have earned the certification for all of our products. Meeting the certification guidelines assures customers that certified polyurethane foam, the material we use, is an environmentally-innovative material that is durability, performance, and content-tested,which means that we have the ability to manufacture the best type of memory foam.


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