Hard Memory Foam Pillow

The solid memory foam pillowis made of space NASA decompression and recoil sponge material, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the human body at the point of force, and greatly reduce the gravity pressure on the human neck and spine. Because the hard memory foam pillow can absorb pressure, it can significantly reduce the number of turns during sleep. This greatly improves the comfort level of the neck, shoulder and head, and plays a great role in improving the quality of sleep. If the hard memory foam pillow is used correctly, the phenomenon of falling pillow will not appear.

Advantages of Hard Memory Foam Pillow

The biggest advantage of the hard memory foam pillow is that it has good air permeability. Moreover, the hard memory foam pillow has the functions of constant temperature, insect prevention, and mite suppression. Hard memory foam pillows are also better for their close-fitting and skin affinity.

Maintenance Method of Hard Memory Foam Pillow

The maintenance of hard memory foam pillow is mainly the maintenance of pillow core and pillowcase. Because there is an essential difference between hard memory foam pillow and ordinary pillow, it can't be maintained in the normal way.

Maintenance of Pillow Core

The pillow core shall be placed in a cool and ventilated place for natural ventilation after 1-3 months of use, and shall not be exposed to the sun. Do not be wet by water during use. Although the memory cotton is hygroscopic, it can not be dried after hygroscopic, and can only be dried by air.

The pillow core should not be pressed for a long time during use. Some people always press it with heavy objects when they are not in use. It may be impossible to rebound if it is pressed for a long time.

Maintenance of Pillowcase

The pillowcase of hard memory foam pillow can be made of relatively fewer materials because it needs to be elastic and easy to handle. Unlike conventional pillows, hard memory foam pillow can not be used. The main materials widely used are mostly air layer fabric and short plush fabric, which can be washed directly.

Parameters of Hard Memory Foam Pillow


35*20cm (Length * diameter)

Pillow core

Slow rebound foam


It is suitable for any part of any occasion, and the rebound effect of memory cotton can be restored to its original appearance after bearing any pressure.

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