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Men's clothing bags are bags specially designed for men's clothing. Men's clothing is mainly characterized by simplicity, fit and low-key. Therefore, men's clothing bags are mostly simple, pure, and simple in design.

TexPack Men's Garment Bag List

Brown and Orange Nylon Men's Garment Bag

Dark Green Non-woven 75gsm Men's Garment Bag

Dark Grey Non-woven Men's Garment Bag

Black Non-woven Men's Garment Bag

Black Non-woven Men's Garment Bag

Beige Nylon Men's Garment Bag

Black Non-woven 75gsm Men's Garment Bag

Dark Blue Nylon Men's Garment Bag

Black Non-woven Binding Men's Garment Bag

Black Non-woven Men's Garment Bag with Handles

Dark Blue Nylon Binding Men's Garment Bag

Men's Garment Bag assortment

Household men's clothing bags: dustproof clothing covers, also known as "clothing covers" and "clothing covers". Men's clothing hanging bag is made of non-woven fabric, with environmental protection paint printing, combined with transparent PVC window, there are ordinary single-piece and three-dimensional multi-piece, "stereo multi-piece dust-proof clothes cover", one garment cover at a time It can store 6-8 pieces of clothes, which can make the wardrobe tidier and the clothing classification clearer. With moisture, dust and insect resistance. At the same time, it is easy to clean and can be used multiple times;

One-time men's clothing bags: Men's clothes are mostly formal because of work needs. The characteristics of frequent business trips are that clothing is prone to creases. At the same time, most of the items carried on business trips are lightweight. Therefore, for men, hanging clothes, One-time men's clothing hanging bags can meet the needs well. Disposable men's clothes hanging bags are mostly light, thin, and easy to fold plastic bags. At the same time, the plastic clothes hanger can be designed and selected for water solubility, completely dissolved in water, non-toxic and pollution-free; strong stretch, good tension; high transparency, good gloss; high softness, good touch; good oil and solvent resistance, Heat sealable and printable;

Special-purpose men's clothing bags: Men's clothing is mostly formal clothes. For some important occasions, when they are not worn, they need special storage, so special-purpose clothing bags are needed for handling. The special men's clothing bag can be customized according to the size and finishing needs of the clothing, so as to protect the men's clothing from dust, moisture, creases, and damage.

Men's Garment Bag Material

Men's clothing bags are mostly disposable. According to men's usage and design needs of clothing bags, paper clothing bags are mostly used.

Coated paper men's clothing bags choose coated paper to make handbags, which are characterized by moderate fastness. Because the coated paper has high whiteness and gloss, and good printability, designers can boldly use various pictures and color blocks, and the advertising effect is good. After coated with a glossy or matte film on the surface of coated paper, it not only has moisture-proof and durable functions but also looks more delicate.

Black cardboard: a kind of special paper, black on both sides. Black cardboard is characterized by exquisite paper, black through the heart, strong and thick, good folding resistance, smooth and smooth surface, good stiffness, good tensile strength, and high resistance to breakage. Common thicknesses are from 120 grams to 350 grams of black cardboard. Because the black cardboard is black inside and outside, it is not possible to print colored patterns. It is only suitable for hot stamping and silver stamping. The resulting bag is also very beautiful.

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