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A table lamp is a movable lighting stand on a table, desk, or any piece of furniture, with a plug-in cable, some table lamps have a line switch. Espada is an exellent table lamp manufacturersupplier who has cheap Chinese table lamps for sale. Cost/price of table desk light lamps for sale is pretty low. Just like other cheap lamps for sale, table lamps can be placed in any space, such as side tables, bedside tables, bedrooms, living room, dining areas, reading rooms, offices, lobbies, which adds both an element of design, as well as functions as a source of illumination.

There are many types of table lamps such as monkey lamp sitting, dog table lamp, etc. When choosing a stylish table lamp, you should consider the purpose firstly, there are four kinds of lighting – ambient, task, accent, and decorative, after meeting your functional requirements, it is time to consider the style and size of the lamps. While the style, theme, and color scheme of the room define it, it is lighting that ultimately sets the mood and creates an ambiance of your choice.

Types of Table Lamp

Industrial Style Tripod Table Lamps with Fabric Shade

Bedside LED Dimmable Night Light with Fabric Shade

Polyresin Sitting Monkey Table Lamp

Dog Shaped Table Lamp

Creative Dog Carved Corgi Table Lamp

Animal Lights Dog Sculpture Pug Table Lamp

French Bulldog Bedside Table Lamp

Mini Mouse Table Lamp

Unique Squirrel Figurine Table Lamp

Table lamps are the perfect accessory tool when finishing a room as they are practical and beautiful that perform a statement piece in the scheme. As a decorative element, it has many advantages as other cheap lamps for sale, because it can be matched with ceiling lamps to achieve a nice effect. No matter which room you want to add lights to the table lamp is obviously a good option, consider what activities have been done in that area, and you will better understand what style of the table lamp is best to meet your specific needs. So as to create a decorative and functional environment.

What Are The Different Types Of Table Lamps?

There are many different types of table lamps available for you to choose from. They differ in design, function, size, shape, materials, and more. We've listed the most common types of table lamps below. We have beautiful table lamps of many features like classic, classy, cute, elegant, luxury, stylish, traditional and trendy nice table desk lamps for rooms such as living room.

By Types: Bedside table lamps, reading table lamps, desk lamps, buffet lamps, tripod table lamps, swing arm table lamps, globe table lamps, mini table lamps, animal lamps such as dog table lamp.

By Styles: Farmhouse style table lamps, mid-century modern lamps, contemporary table lamps, industrial table lamps.

By Materials: Glass lamps, metal iron table lamps, resin lamps, fabric shade table lamps, Marble base table lamps.

By sizes: Tiny, small, large, extra tall, large base, extra large table light lamps for bedroom and living room.

More Questions About Table Lamp

How To Choose A Perfect Table Lamp?

Table lamps play two different roles in your home: functional and decorative. If you need extra lighting for your living room, bedroom, or dining room, you could probably use a table lamp or two, here are some questions you need to consider before you choose a perfect table lamp.

Where will you put the table lamp?

What is the purpose of your table lamp? How much light do you really need?

What is the size and color of the table lamp? Is there a power source where you want to place the table lamp?

Can this table lamp fit in with the rest of the decor in your room?

What kind of budget do you have?

This is usually a big factor to consider. Some lamps are very cheap but may lack many functions such as dimming. While others may be more expensive, they usually come with all the fancy features that allow you to fully control the lamp.

Espada Lighting has become one of the most professionalchina bedside table lamps suppliers. Weprovide pendant light, Glass floor lamp, china standing lighting, danish lamp design, iconic lamp designs, etc. Want to know more? Contact us.


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