mesh belt dryer

The mesh belt dryer is one kind of batch, tunnel type continuous production drying equipment. It is mainly used for better breathability slice, strip and briquettes and bulk material, like coal bar, coal tablet, etc. drying process. Heating source is power, steam and hot air, etc. The mesh belt dryer is conceptually very simple. Product is carried through the dryer on conveyors and hot air is forced through the bed of product. It is often described as simply a conveyor in a box with hot air. The reality, however, is that the belt dryer is one of the most versatile dryers available. Few drying technologies can match the beltdryer’s ability to handle such a wide range of products.

(1)Mesh belt dryer machinefeeding part has feeding device, which laid material evenly on the mesh belt through distributor. When first layer move to driving chain wheel, material fall down to second layer by self-weight.

(2)Use blower delivery hot air to bottom from upper both wall side inter-layers, make hot air flows up from bottom, so that wet material fully absorb heating, and reach to perfect drying effect.

(3)The wet air from dried material is transported by weep hole on the upper middle part of dryer. Not dried briquettes, the strength is a little bad at the beginning.When fall down from layer to layer, the impacting and rubbing of each briquette will bring powder.

(4)Traditional drying machine get manual clean, but it takes big labor intensity, and need open door to clean, which cause drying machine inside temperature lose.

(5)Now, our factory adds a scraper slag removal machine on the dryer bottom can get rid of powder quickly and conveniently.



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