pre disposal waste aluminumis a common name for recycled aluminum.

After pretreatment, part of the recovered aluminum will be cold-processed to turn it into powder aluminum, while the other part will be recycled by means of heavy medium dressing and parabolic dressing.

recycled aluminumProcessing method

The purpose of the pre-disposal of waste aluminum is to get rid of other metals and impurities mixed in the waste aluminum; to classify the waste aluminum according to its composition, so that the alloy components in the waste aluminum can be used to the maximum extent; and to dispose of the oil, oxide and paint on the surface of the waste aluminum.At the end of the pre-treatment, the waste aluminum is disposed into the burden suitable for the furnace conditions, and the fourth is to make the aluminum (including alumina) that is guessed correctly by the waste aluminum get the most economical and reasonable use.

The pre-disposal skills of ALUMINUM SCRAP supplierare very brief and backward. Even in large recycled aluminum plants, the pre-disposal skills of waste aluminum are not relatively advanced.In terms of the disposal method for recovery and recycling of waste aluminum of a single type, waste aluminum of a single type or no other impurities is usually not pre-disposed in a disorderly manner, but only classified according to the type and composition of the waste and accumulated independently.A single type of aluminium scrapwhen use only check assay gives a composition, can know the composition of batch, is high-quality recycled aluminium material, usually need not to make any advance disposal charging melting, in a certain aluminum alloy melting, can choose the corresponding components and types of aluminium scrapdirectly participate in reverberatory furnace smelting, and can be easily melting into the corresponding trademark of aluminum alloy.Some waste aluminum containing high copper and zinc can also be used as the central alloy for adjusting the composition of aluminum alloy in the smelting process.In the enterprise that chooses small reverberatory furnace or crucible furnace, want to want according to need to break large volume waste aluminium (shear or other method) the material that accords with furnace standard is quick.It is worth mentioning that a small number of non-aluminum metals will be mechanically contained in some single type of China scrap aluminum, such as scrap steel parts such as screws on the Windows and doors of scrap aluminum, although the content is very small, but will seriously affect the quality of the alloy, so it must be separated before smelting.

Heavy medium dressing

That is, the method of heavy media heavy selection is used to separate the heavy non-ferrous metals, such as copper, whose density is higher than that of aluminum, which USES the principle that the density of aluminum is smaller than that of other heavy non-ferrous metals, so that the waste aluminum floats on the medium, while the heavy non-ferrous metal sinks on the bottom, achieving the purpose of separation.But the key is to screen a medium that is denser than aluminum and less than copper, and that medium is not water or any other liquid, definitely a fluid.When the fluid is doing reciprocating motion, the waste aluminum is floating on the top of the medium is separated.

metallurgical accessoriesParabolic dressing

By using the principle that objects of basically the same volume fall at different points when they are thrown out by the same force, various waste non-ferrous metals with different densities in thescrap aluminumcan be separated.When the same force is used to shoot an object with different density but basically the same volume along a straight line, various objects move along the direction of the parabola and have different landing points.The simplest experiment can be carried out on a horizontal conveyor belt. When the mixed wastes run at high speed along the conveyor belt, the waste aluminum is thrown out along a straight line at the end of the operation. Due to the different gravity of various wastes, the waste aluminum falls to the ground at different points, so as to achieve the purpose of waste aluminum separation.In this way, recycled aluminum, copper, lead and other wastes can be separated evenly.The equipment manufactured according to this principle has been adopted in foreign countries and is in the research stage at home.


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