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Decking tiles: Easy to install and fix, easy to change the combination. Wood plastic composite decking tile is one simple product on the balcony and yard, bringing new life to any patio, balcony, courtyard, rooftop or other hard surfaces. Our plastic decking tilesare designed to bring years of enjoyment and maximum service life in the most demanding, fully exposed exterior environments. Due to the special interlocking plastic base, you can quickly and easily lay these tiles over your existing patio in just a short afternoon. Just snap the tiles together, perfectly aligned and with precise spacing. Even if you're not really a do-it-yourself type, you'll be amazed how easy these tiles are to install. And you don't need any special tools except perhaps if you have to cut a tile to fill in the remaining gap against a wall. In that case, you can simply cut the tiles with a normal handsaw. Otherwise all you really need is a tape measure and a pair of sturdy gloves. Everything you need is right inside each box of tiles.

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Decking Tiles


Decking Tiles

We do however recommend that you coat the wood plastic composite tiles, with a good quality decking oil as soon as practical after the installation as that will slow down the rate at which these tiles will naturally fade to a silvery grey color. To keep the tiles in their best condition it is recommended that you recoat with a decking oil at regular intervals, depending on the climatic conditions and the degree of exposure to direct sunlight.




Prefab housesoften referred to as prefab homes or simply prefabs or prefabricated homes, are specialist dwelling types of prefabricated building, which are manufactured off-site in advance, usually in standard sections that can be easily shipped and assembled.

Sundi is one of the leading wood plastic composite manufacturers in China. China WPCis easy to process, with high surface hardness, water resistance and corrosion resistance, long service life, wide application range, and can be customized. WPC products can change their density, strength and other characteristics through additives, and can also meet special requirements such as anti-aging, anti-static, and flame retardant. Most importantly, wood plastic composite China is an environmentally friendly product that can be recycled.


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