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Xiamen Better Silicone Co.,Ltd is a famous China silicone keypad factory and supplier with customized rubber keypad, silicone keyboard, rubber keyboard, please feel free to contact us. Silicone Keypad Product Description Silicone rubber keypad, which is made of translucent elastomer silicone rubber materials by compression mold tooling, is widely used in industrial electronic products, medical products, consumer products as reliable switch performance. Silicone keypad web/wall thickness and uniformity, key travel, and silicone materials hardness which mainly determine keypad actuation force and also known as tactile feeling. High or low actuation force keypad, which can’t determine elastomer keypad’s tactile feeling. Making good tactile feeling keypads should care about the global keypad designs, and also keytop hardness, keypad wall uniformity,keypad travel,tooling EDM process etc. Silicone rubber keypads have many types according surface legends, conductive ways and materials Property demands. Spraying Keypads, Silkscreen keypad, Laser Etched Keypad, Epoxy Keypad, Dual Durometer / Hardness Keypad, Backlit Keypad, P+R (Plastic+Rubber) Keypad, M+R (Metal+Rubber) Keypad, Conductive Pad Printing Keypad, Luminous Keypad, Silicone conductive keypad etc. Spraying Silicone keypads: Keypad surface is coated by color spraying to decorate keypad appearance, and some is used to legends laser etched / engraving. (The bottom spraying/coating color demands on the keypads legends color) Silkscreen Silicone Rubber Keypad: Silk Screen Silicone Rubber Keypad, which have two kinds. One is Surface silk screen keypad, the other Bottom Silkscreen Keypad. Surface Silkscreen keypad: The keypad need spray painted before do font or symbol printing, and the do PU coating process to protect the legends. Bottom Silkscreen Keypad is generally for transparent back light silicone keypad. Silkscreen Keypad Abrasion and Protection: Font or symbol on the surface of silicon rubber keypads and spray paint is easy to wear off if without do PU coating, UV+PU coating, Epoxy Coating or plastic covers etc. Laser Etched Silicone Rubber Keypad Laser etching silicone keypads are customized using translucent silicone rubber which is available in a variety of colors. Generally, custom made laser etching rubber keypad, the materials choose transparent silicone rubber, which better than normal translucent silicone materials.After finished basic compression transparent elastomer rubber keypads production, the laser etching keypads are sprayed opaque coating. First processing coated color (inner color) is same to the desired legends color, and the second processing coating color which is keypad surface colors. After finished the laser keypads coating, putting the keypads into the laser carving machines for laser etching process. Notes: Inner color and surface color generally is big color contrast. Like inner plating color is white, the surface color mostly choose black. Choose inner translucent silicone keypad with gray or black color keypad to do laser carving process, the keypad can't shows laser mark characters without back light. Silicone Rubber Epoxy Keypad: An Epoxy coating can be applied to conductive rubber keypads to give the keypad a hard plastic feel. This method is used as an alternative to producing custom keypads with plastic keytops. The costs associated with producing a custom keypad with an epoxy coating are significantly less when compared to the costs associated with producing a custom keypad with plastic keytops. Applying an epoxy crown to keytops is both visually appealing and economical. we can help you in incorporating the application of epoxy crowns into the design and manufacture of custom silicone rubber switches. Dual Durometer/Hardness Keypad: Dual Hardness (Durometer) Keypad, also called twice-forming keypads, which is aim to improve keypad tactile feelings or beauty, and not to affect the keypads actuation force. Silicone Backlight Keypad: That have some ways to process the back light silicone keypads. 1.) Laser Etched Silicone Back light Keypad. Firstly, Do Printed Ink Process, the printed ink color is same to the laser etched legends, and then spray coating on the surface the silicone rubber keypad. Lastly place the keypads on the laser etched machines for process. (Notes:The legends color should have a high contrast with the spray coating color Like following case: The legends color is white, and the spray coated color is gray.) 2.) Translucent Silicone Back light Keypad 2.1)    Translucent Silicone Back light Keypad take full advantage of silicone original materials which is translucent. Different silicone is different transparency. Generally, more better silicone materials, the color is more transparent. The original color of liquid silicone is almost transparent. 2.2)   Silk Screen Translucent Silicone Backlight Keypad, generally, need spray painted before do font or symbol printing on the surface, and the do PU coating process to protect the legends. However, Silk Screen Translucent Silicone Backlight Keypad, which needn't do spray coating process. For better backlight legends effects, sometimes, also needn't do PU coating or UV+PU coating. P+R (Plastic+Rubber)Keypad: P+R Keypad (Plastic + Rubber): This kind keypads combine the benefits of plastic keycap with the elastomeric and sealing feature of silicone rubber keypads by glue. The interface support many kinds of colors, textures, graphic pattern, which can enhance the aesthetic and backlight effects of products. Basic Information 1. Production Process: 1.) Keypads Forming and Plastic Keycap Injection Forming. 2.) Silk Screen Printing, Spray Coating, Laser Etching, Back-lighted. 3.) Trimming Die for Plastic Keycap, and Silicone Keypad Deburring. 4.) Assembly keycap and Keypads by Glue. 5.) Baking Process for combination. 2. Plastic Keycap: 1.) Materials: PC, PMMA (acrylic), ABS, ABS+PC. 2.) Usage: Light Guide, Textures, Metallic Color Effects etc. 3.) Keypad Height >0.8mm. 4.) Sharp Corner Radius 0.2mm 5.) Graphics with or without backlighting(Back plastic keypad can choose silk screen printing). 6.) Abrasion Resistance Coating and UV Coating. 3. Appliance: Cell Phone, POS terminal, Calculator, Music Device etc. 4. Advantages 1.) Good aesthetic and backlight effects. 2.) Good Touch Feeling, Anti-dust. 3.) Cost effective to large quantities. 3.) Long lifespan keypad 2. Disadvantage. 1.) High injection mold-making cost: If choose PC/PMMA materials and up to light guide effects, that need choose good mold core steels. 2.) High Keycap Demands: No flowing mark, no texturing and up to light guide effects. That need good injection machines and injection standard parts. 3.) Unsuitable to low quantities. Conductive Pad Printing Keypad Conductive Pad Printing Keypad: mechanical keypad made of silicone rubber, either direct or indirect contact. Some applications require conductive contacts, and we have this capability as well. Molded with carbon pills or screen printed with conductive ink, conductive keypads for many applications are a low cost and industry standard compliant solution.  Contact: The current-carrying area/surface under each rubber keypad (conductive pill or carbon-inked surface) that makes electrical connection with the electrode on a printed circuit board when the keypad is actuated. Luminous Keypad Luminous keypad is a kind of keypad which is self-luminous in dark. In addition to the traditional production process, molding, screen printing and spraying, its main feature is adding a percentage of the fluorescent powder into the silicone material, which is why luminous can send apistrongerpiphosphorescence in dark. Luminous keypad can function well underpithepisituationpiofpidarkness. The keypad used on the remote control is a sweet choice for people who likes watching TV turning off the light.


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