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Xi'an GX Mechano-Electronic Co.,Ltd is a leading China non-ferrous casting process manufacturer and supplier,Website:, and also a professional non-ferrous casting process foundry, factory and company, please feel free to contact us at any time.Non-ferrous castingNon-ferrous metal material: iron, chromium, manganese all metal outside of three types of metal.Non-ferrous metal material is a kind of metal materials, mainly copper, aluminum, lead, and nickel, etc.Its corrosion resistance to a large extent depends on its purity. After joining other metals, generally the higher mechanical properties, corrosion resistance is reduced.Cold work, such as stamping molding) can improve the strength, but decrease the plasticity.The maximum allowable temperature: copper and its alloy is 250 ℃, aluminium is 200 ℃, the lead is 140 ℃, nickel is 500 ℃.Casting non-ferrous alloy: refers to the casting method, using direct casting non-ferrous metal materials forming machine parts of various shapes. Non-ferrous metal casting method, alloy status code(GB1176—87、GB/T1173—95、GB/T1175—97) The casting method No.  Alloy stateNo.  Sand casting   Metal mold casting   Investment casting   The shell mold casting   Continuous casting   Centrifugal casting   Metamorphic process   Homogenization treatment  S   J   R   K   La   Li   B   T3  Cast condition                            Artificial aging  Annealing   Solid solution treatment and natural aging   Solid solution treatment and not entirely artificial aging   Solid solution treatment and artificial aging completely   Solid solution treatment and stabilization   Solid solution treatment and softeningFT1T2T4T5T6T7T8Our company can supply various  Aluminum Casting Parts (OEM)  according to the customers’ drawings and requirements. Please offer us your enquiry with detailed drawings, specifications, unit weight, quality requirements and pictures. We will supply you not only the products with  good quality  but also competitive price and satisfactory service! Details:1. Material: Aluminium alloy.2. Process: Die casting, Sand Casting, Forging.3. Heat Treatment: Quenching, Tempering, Annealing, Normalizing, Nitridation, Carburization.4. Surface Treatment: Zinc-Plated, Hot dipping galvanized, Polishing, Painting, Powder coating.5. Machining Equipment: CNC Machines, Turning Machines,Drilling Machines , Milling Machines, Grinding Machines,etc.6. Measuring Tool: CMM, Projector, Vernier Caliper, Depth Caliper, Micrometer, Pin Gauge, Thread Gauge, Height Gauge, etc.7. Weight: 0.1-100kgs.8. Package: Plywood or wooden case, pallet (As per customer’s requirement).              Our production ability:Our factory has 5 large sand casting production line ,30 small sand casting foundry work platform, 2 sand casting workshop, the biggest can complete 100 kg/pc casting; A casting workshop equipped with 6 sets of gravity casting equipment. A die casting workshop equipped with 180 t - 500 t die-casting machine and the one machining workshop equipped with three axis machining center, three sets of CNC lathe, CNC milling machine two units, large drilling machine with two; we have 1 unit 150kg intermediate frequency electric stove,2 units 3T intermediate frequency electric stove,1unit high frequency stove, etc.Production Equipments & Processes:Machining Shop:With our powerful precision CNC machining equipments such as lathes, milling machines and drilling press, we can easily operate Turning, Drilling and Milling. Furthermore, we are able to run other operations like cutting, grinding, bending, shaping, planning and sawing. Quality Control:Overall product quality inspections is from raw materials incoming inspection, semi-finished products inspection, specimen testing, and products testing. We strictly follow the procedures of ISO 9001, IQC, IPQC & FQC. SYI has independent inspectors and QC engineers to check & record in accordance with the procedure and submited for approval/audit.Technical Support:GX has 10 years of independent development and design ability. We have 12 senior engineers, who is skilled at AUTO CAD, PRO ENGINEER, SOLID WORKS and other 2D & 3D softwares. We are able to design, develop, produce and deliver your PO according to your drawings, samples or just an idea. Dual control of standard productsand OEM products.We are certified:Please Contact us: Xi'an GX Mechano-Electronic Co., Ltd.Tel: +86 29 81879753 Fax:+86 29 81879753 Any question on casting, please feel free to contact us, we'll reply you within 24 hours.


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