Control Module

Benefits:Using microprocessor as a core,Website:, graphics LCD with big screen and backlight, key touch for operationHave a RS485 port, can be used for communicate to PCAll parameters can be set from the front panel, or be set by PC used SG72Security password-protected programming levelsAll parameters use digital modulation, with higher reliability and stabilityBuilt-in speed/frequency detecting units can accurately judge the states such as crank success and over speedPower supply range is wide, accommodating to different starting battery voltage environmentBuilt-in watch dog can never be dead halt, ensuring smooth program executionModular configuration design, inserted type connection terminals, flush type installation, compact structure, easy installationProtection:High engine temperatureLow oil pressure Over speedUnder speedLoss of speed signalGenerator over frequencyGenerator under frequencyGenerator over voltageGenerator under voltageGenerator over currentFail to startAuxiliary inputsPrecision measure and display of:Mains voltageMains frequencyMains currentGenerator voltageGenerator currentGenerator frequencyGenerator active power (kW)Generator inactive power (kW)Generator apparent power (kVA)Generator power factorGenerator starts countGenerator hour countCumulate electric energy (kWh)Generator temperatureGenerator pressureGenerator fuel levelStart battery voltage


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