160ton beam launcher equipment used in bridge construction

Product Description

The unique160ton bridge construction beam launcher equipmentis designed for subway project. According to the situation of present railway with less subgrade, morebridges and tunnels which connected too closely, our company design and manufacture the new and special beam launcher. It is mainly used for lifting concrete girders in bridge construction in general railway and highway projects.

This patented product is an excellent piece of equipment for erecting Bridge Beams; whether steel or precast concrete, any shapes or sections, with curve or straight, with slope, skew or super-elevation.

The Beam Launcher comes with centralize control system, multi-speed Crane and Wagons, Hydraulic powered Support, Mechanical powered Self Advancing system, and spare-parts.

Safety Features

Safety is the most important issue for cranes.To ensure the safety, the following safety devices are equiped in160ton bridge construction beam launcher equipment.

▪ Crane traveling limit switch.
▪Overload protection device.
▪Lifting height limit device.
▪Voltage lower protection function .
▪Phase sequence protection function.
▪Emergency stop function.
▪Rain cover for outside hoist, driving units, electric cubicle.
▪Warning indicator : flashing nights and warning sounds.
▪Wire-less infra-detector for anti-collusion.


1. What’stheinformationshouldIprovidewheninquiry about the160ton bridge construction beam launcher equipment?

a.we need the Bridge Drawing;the Maximum longitudinal slope and the Maximum Transverse slope;
b.The Girder/beam drawing;

2. How many Personnel and equipment to assemble launching gantry in the worksite we need?
Personnel: 8 to 10 workers equipment
Truck crane > 50 t : 2 sets
Φ19.5 steel wire rope 8 m: 4 ropes
Sleepers: several
Electric welding machine: 1 set
Oxygen, acetylene: 1 set
Hammer(12 pound and 8 pound): 1 set for each
Wrench and pincher: several
Gradienter: 1 set

3. What are inspection standard for load test of Beam launcher cranes?
◆Dynamic load test: 1.1 times rated load.
◆Static load test: 1.25 times rated load.

4. How to make highway bridge concrete girders?
◆Highway Bridge concrete girders could be made by 4 methods:
a. Full span prefabrication.
b. Segment girder prefabrication.
c. Full span cast-in-place girder.
d. Segment cast-in-situ.

5. How about maintenance of Beam launcher cranes?
a. Lubricating:Working performance and service life of all mechanisms of crane depend on lubricating to a big extent.
b. Steel wire rope:Fracture of wire has to be specially noticed. A new steel wire rope has to be changed immediately with the condition of broken wire, broken strands and wear loss to scrapping standard.
c. Spreader: The spreader has to be checked regularly.
d. Pulley block:Mainly check rope race wearing condition, check whether wheel flange is cracked and whether pulley could get stuck in the axle or not.
e. Wheels:Regularly check wheel flange and tread, a new wheel has to be immediately replaced as crack part or wearing in wheel flange reaches 10% of wheel thickness;Re-polishing has to be done as diameters between two driving wheels on tread differs more than D/600, or there are severe scar on the tread.
f. Brake: Check one time per shift; The brake should be in accurate movement, and pins do not allow to be stuck. Brake shoes shall fit brake wheels correctly; the brake shoes interval shall be equal to open them.


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