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Quick turn printed circuit boards of ground jack
Quick turn printed circuit boards of ground jack China printed circuit board assembly, 100% Test.UL, RoHS, ISO9001, ISO 13485 Certificated
4Layer Flexible PCB (FPC)Partnumber: FASTPCBA-025Specs: Size: 150mm*35mmMin hole size: 0.3mmSurface finishing: Immersion gold( ENIG)Min hole trace ...
Prototype pcb board manufacturer
Prototype pcb board manufacturer PCB manufacturing & components sourcing & Assembly one-stop service, 100% Functional test
Medical electrocardiogram motherboard PCB manufacturing supplier
Medical electrocardiogram motherboard PCB manufacturing supplier PCB manufacturing_pcb prototype assembly_PCBA assembly, component purchase, test one-stop service provider - China FASTPCBA Fast PCB board sample ...
Automatic pcb assembly manufacturer
Automatic pcb assembly manufacturer FASTPCBA is a professional one-stop service for circuit board processing, circuit board assembly and soldering, component purchase, 100% test + she...

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IADC537/617/637 牙轮掌片 牙轮钻头掌片出售 卖方: 河北亿川钻井设备制造有限公司 钻头尺寸 8 1/2"(215.9MM)617型应用适用于桩基施工的牙轮钻芯筒特点 1. 增强耐磨规保护,增加工作寿命。2.耐高温橡胶密封轴承。3.加大轮体,镶件全覆盖,使用寿命更长。 14mm...
8 1/2 英寸 IADC617 单牙轮钻头 用于非开挖用牙轮钻头
8 1/2 英寸 IADC617 单牙轮钻头 用于非开挖用牙轮钻头 卖方: 河北亿川钻井设备制造有限公司 钻头尺寸 8 1/2"(215.9MM)617型应用适用于HDD工程开孔器特点 1. 增强耐磨规保护,增加工作寿命。2.耐高温橡胶密封轴承。3. 碳化钨保护的衬衫尾4. 14mm锥形刀片,更高的...
Tunnel formwork bypass channel
Tunnel formwork bypass channel 卖方: Luoyang Gaofei Bridge Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd. The tunnel formwork channel is a non-standard product specially designed and manufactured for the...
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Tile Grout 卖方: Kelin New Material Company Kelin tile grout is a new product for home decoration, which is totally instead of the sewing age...
steel pipe
steel pipe 卖方: Tianjin Arcelormittal Steel Trade Co.,Ltd