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FEEJOY level switch is a sensor mainly used for the detection of the height of the material (solid or liquid level) in a closed or open container in the industrial production process. Liquid level switches, which is also widely known as water level switch, it's a switch that controls the connection of the line through the liquid level. We can supply various level switch float typesuch as capacitive, paddle, vibrating fork, radiofrequency, and float level switches.

We are a professional level switch supplierand focus on the production process of fluid level switch products, penetrate into various industries, and have a deep understanding to produce high-quality level switches and fluid level sensors.

As a leading manufacturer of different types of level measurement devices in China, we provide custom configurations for liquid level switch applications. Featured by high quality and high precision, our robust fluid level switch will definitely meet your advanced measuring requirement. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your custom level switch needs. Factory direct sale, save your cost and time!

Main Features of Level Control Switch

Use the microswitch to make contact output, and the contact capacity of 10A / 250VAC can directly start the motor equipment.

The European standard (HAR) rubber cable of cable float level switch has good weather resistance, low price and long service life.

The structure is simple, no maintenance is needed, and sewage and clean water can be used.

The length of cable ≦ 20 meters can be customized.

In water treatment, a liquid level control switch is often related to the safety, economy, and feasibility of the entire process.

There is also another type of liquid level float switchthat uses a mercury switch as a contact output. When the liquid level rises and contacts the float, the float changes with the water level rise angle centered on the weight. When the rising line angle exceeds 10 ° above the water surface, the floating water level indicator will have an ON or OFF contact signal output. We are a float type level switch manufacturer with side mounted float level switch, mini float level switch, and cable float level switch for your choice. Welcome to get a quote!

Liquid Level Switch in A Water Treatment Process

There are generally raw water, intermediate water tank, product water tank, backwash water tank, and even waste liquid tank. The volume is large or small. Generally, the production water tank and the original water tank are relatively large, especially in large production lines. At this time, the float level switch for water tank is often required to control multiple liquid levels in the water tank. Each liquid level corresponds to a different action. Common ones include the start and stop of pumps and the start and stop of produced water. Although some water tanks are large, they do not necessarily require multiple level switches.

FEEJOY is an industrial instrumentation manufacturer that committed to offering all kinds of level switches for volumetric measurement in the industrial process such as water, gas, or other liquid.

Feejoy is a professional electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer, we provide level gauge with transmitter, level float switch, float water sensor, liquid level control switch, RF Admittance Level Transmitterand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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