Integrated airframe

Integrated airframe

CNC Machining

Integrated airframe for aviation model,CNC machining Integrated airframe

Product usage: aviation model

Material: AL6061

Precision: 0.01 to 0.02 mm

Surface treatment: anodization

Minimum order quantity: 10PCS

Surface roughness: ra0.8-1.6

Process: CNC machining, anodization

We provide the follow core value to our customers:


We have a longstanding commitment to the hardware processing industry and over the last 10 plus years we have accumulated extensive experience in this field while always pursuing the latest technology.

24 Communication

We respond to you within 24 hours. Our highly trained sales engineers speak English, French and Chinese making communication easy and fast via the live chat system, or .


100% Quality Control inspection by our strong QC team before shipment to ensure the product meets your particular specifications.


Because we know our market and understand our customers, we are always able to respond quickly to any urgent request and provide the highest quality of service.

Factory Detailed Descriptions

Available materials

Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Nylon,POM etc


Surface Roughness


CNC machining center, CNC turning machine


50,00pieces per month

Machining Scope

1). Equipment/Machinery 2). Medical & Technological parts

3). The Automotive/motorcycle parts 4). The telecommunication parts

5). The power tool parts 6). Bicycle parts 7). Hardware 8 , Electric parts, Boat parts , Aircraft parts,Industrial parts , precision processing.9.Hardware of lamps and lanterns

QC System:

100% inspection before shipment

Payment term

T/T , West Union

Surface treatment

Anodizing, painting,zinc/chrome/nickel Plating, Polish, Heat treatment etc



10 years of professional OEM service


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