Diamond Stainless Steel Tactile Studs

Diamond Stainless Steel Tactile Studs Series

Waring Stainless Steel Tactile Indicator (XC-MDD1305B)

Waring Stainless Steel Tactile Indicator (XC-MDD1440)

Wuyi xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd was incorporated in March 2001 to manufacture and market high-quality tactile ground indicatorsfor the vision impaired. For over 15 years this organization has been a leader in the field of tactile indicators.Contact us to know more about stainless steel tactile studs installation!


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Ridge Brass Tactile Studs
Ridge Brass Tactile Studs Waring Brass tactile indicator (XC-MDD2002) Circled surface,Solid studs with pin Place of Origin:Zhejiang,China (Mainland) Brand Name:XC Advantage...
Braille Signs
Braille Signs Braille is a way of representing text with a series of raised dots allowing blind people to read with their fingers. The six dots that make up Brai...
Directional Tactile Indicator Bar & Strips
Directional Tactile Indicator Bar & Strips Wuyi Xiongchang offers a large range of different Directional tactile indicator designs to allow for your exact choice. Tactile indicators are desi...
PU Paving
PU Paving Rubber tactile paving(XC-MDB7001B) Warning and Directional PU mat with self-adhesive glue DIMENSIONS: W: 300mm x L: 300mm x Thickness: 7mm FIXING ...
Directional Stainless Steel Tactile Mat (XC-MDB6011D)
Directional Stainless Steel Tactile Mat (XC-MDB6011D) Dimensionsof directional tactile pavers: 300mm X 300mm X 6.2mm (1.5mm base, 4.7mm high tactile projections). Material: Solid 316L stainless steel (...

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