Electroplated & Anodized Enclosure


Surface treatment : anodized(Zinc/Nickel/Chrome/Plated, Spray paint, powder costing etc.)

Material: sus/spcc/secc


Engraved logo we offer like Engrave logo by laser, Engrave logo by stamping, etc

The characteristic of this product:The electronic enclose made of sheet metal have higher strength and lighter structural weight;The processing is simple and the equipment used is simple.Smooth appearance, less processing allowance, can reduce weight, shorten the production cycle, reduce the cost.

Main processing equipment: laser cutting, bending machine, welding, stamping and other equipment.

Packaging Details:

Our standard export packaging : Bubble film +5 layer corrugated carton + wooden bracket or iron holder or as you request.

Packaging Details : Based on Customers' request.


YES , We can offer Design drawing as per your idea, produce as per your drawing.

Copy products as per your original sample.

We provide you with the high-quality anodized enclosureand anodized aluminum enclosure.


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