Casnio Double-sided Circular Display

RCSTARS launched these types of innovative displays designed for casinos, available in both curved and LCD materials, both with precise touch capabilities, increasing the opportunity to interact with customers who are able to enhance their gaming experience through touch while playing. It also has a pleasing design, with LED light strips on the side, which can be operated freely to change colors and switches. This type of display is ideal for casinos, gaming halls, and entertainment venues.

Key Features of Casino Double-sided Display

The machine has black, white and gold color options, the appearance with silver aluminum frame and without, the most special is the LED light bar design on the outer frame, you can freely manipulate the color change to provide a more brilliant display effect.

The product has a double sided monitor, double sided screen, which can show the same/different content on both sides, there is also a flexible screen with the latest OLED technology that provides an incredible ultra-high definition, ultra-wide angle, ultra-thin curved viewing experience.

According to your needs to freely choose horizontal and vertical screen products, RCS-430RE also supports horizontal and vertical screen free switching.

Advantages of Using Casino Double-sided Display

The casino touch screenand casino digital signagecan show different contents on both sides, such as gambling information, odds, and card information, which improves the efficiency of the casino's information display and the efficiency of conducting gambling games.

By installing analysis software or connecting external devices for data analysis and intelligent algorithms, you can understand the behavior of different users in each game and constantly update and improve the game content.

Display game rankings, game screens, multimedia content, and also personalize game recommendations according to different users, thus enhancing user engagement and experience.

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