RUBBER ACCELERATOR MBTS(DM)Chemical Name: Dibenzothiazole DisulfideMolecular Formula: C14H8N2S4Molecular weight: 332.50CAS No.: 120-78-5

Product Feature

A little bitter taste. Specific gravity: 1.50--1.59. Soluble in chloroform, toluene, benzene, carbon tetrachloride. Insoluble in water and ethyl alcohol.


Appearance Grayish white or light yellow powderInitial M.P. C 166.0 MIN

Ash % .30 MAX

Heating loss % 0.40 MAX

Residue(150um)%--------- 0.05 MAX


MBTS is an accelerator forNR and SR. It has level and middle cure rate and higher vulcanization temperature. It operates safely, disperses easily and does not contaminate. It is aging resistant, mainly used in manufacture of tires,rubber tubes,rubber shoes,rubber cloth and other technical rubber products. Accelerator MBTScan alsoworks as plastisizer and delayed action activator in polychloroprene.


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