Butyl Acrylate

CAS No. 141-32-2

Butyl acrylate is a colorless liquid insoluble in water and miscible in ethanol and ether. It is mainly used as an organic synthesis intermediate, adhesive, and emulsifier. However, it is also a dangerous product that is harmful to the body through inhalation, oral administration or absorption through the skin. Its vapor or mist has irritating effects on the eyes, mucous membranes, and respiratory tract. Its poisoning effects include burning sensation, cough, wheezing, laryngitis, shortness of breath, headache, nausea, and vomiting.

Hazardous characteristics: Butyl acrylate is flammable and will explode in case of fire, heat, or contact with oxidants. It is easy to self-aggregate and its polymerization reaction sharply increases with increasing temperatures. In case of high heat, polymerization reactions may occur, and a large number of exothermic phenomena occur, causing the container to burst and explosion.

The personnel should rapidly evacuate from leaking or contaminated areas to safe areas, and measures of isolation and strict access restriction should be taken. Cut off the fire. It is recommended that emergency personnel wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus and protective fire protection clothing. Cut off the leaking source as much as possible and prevent its access to sewers, flood drains, and other restricted spaces. For a small amount of leakage, mix it with sand, dry lime, or soda ash.

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