PVC Suction Hose

Want to know the pvc suction hose pipe price? Here it is. SUZHOU SEAPEAK CO., LTD..is a pvc suction hose manufacturer.

Clear PVCSuction Hose

Made of quality pvc reinforced with an integral helix of rigid PVC.

Corrgated outer surface provide high flexibility and small bending radius.

Smooth inner surface are excellent for conveying liquid,air,powders

High abrasion resistant.

Smooth Surface PVC Suction Hose

Surface:smoothApplication:For suction and delivery of liquids, powder, granules in industry, agriculture and construction.

Features:Flexible PVC with rigid PVC spiral reinforcement, abrasion and chemical resistant, impact and crush resistant, smooth inner construction for unrestricted flow of materials.Temperature Range:-5℃ to +65℃

Corrugatal Surface PVC Suction Hose

Surface:corrugatedApplications:water supply and drainage in general. Construction, civil engineering, agriculture, industry, ship, power conveying.

Corrugated surface PVC suction hose is made of quality pvc and reinforced with an integral helix of rigid PVC.Characteristics:Hose inside for plane, flooding efficiency is very high, weight is light, has excellent bending.Has the pressure, abrasion resistance, good for conveying powder.Working temperature:-5℃~65℃

Composite PVC Suction Hose

Feature:Soft , flexible, non-toxic, Crushing abrasion and weather resistance.

PVC Suction & Fiber Composite Hose is made of high-strength fibers and rigid PVC helix as reinforcement, which combine the features of suction hose& fiber hose. The hose is used for conveying water, oil, powder, also can be used for conveying wine, juice etc.

Our company is one of the most professional industrial hose manufacturersin China. And we are devoted to produce high quality hose and fittings.


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