Performance Characteristics of small homogenizer1. The exclusive design of the crushing plate adopts a hard rubber blade that has a strong crushing ability. The smashing takes a short time, which is about half of the conventional method.

Crushing Ability Comparison

Conventional flat bats are difficult to completely smash the sample, and the new pulverized plate with a hard rubber blade can completely smash the sample in a short time.

Functional application

Specification of Homogenizer




Validity Period


Pro•media SH-ⅡM

Power supply: AC110V

1 year

Power: 100W

Weight: 17KGS

Dimension: 255*345*345mm

Automatic mode: 15s, 30s, 30s

Manual mode: automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of continuous operation

The matching use of the company's homogenized bag series is more effective.

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ELEX Biological Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., established in 2013, is a colony counter manufacturer, which specializes in sales, research and development of microbiological test products for food hygiene testing and environment testing, simultaneously act as an agency of microbial testing equipment from ELMEX Corporation of Japan. The factory has passed ISO9001:2015, and the products have passed the strict assessment of the quality management of the Japanese food industry and are favored by the industry. Its top popular product---ST swab samplerseries account for 70% of the market rate in Japan.


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