Cocamido Propyl Hydroxyl Sultaine (CHSB-35)

Features of Cocamido Propyl Hydroxyl Sultaine (CHSB-35)

Product Name: Cocamido propyl hydroxyl sultaine(CHSB-35)

Chemical Formula: C20H42N2O5S

CAS 68139-30-0/ CAS NO.: 68139-30-0

Dangerous Grade: Non-dangerous

Technical Data ofCocamido Propyl Hydroxyl Sultaine (CHSB-35)




Light yellow clean liquid


No smell

Active matter %


PH value

(1% solu,25℃)

Free amine value


Sodium chloride %


Staphylococcus Aureus (1/ml)

Glycolic Acid

Free amine content%

Package and Storage

200kg drum

Store in a cool dry place, keep drums closed when not in use

Application /Application Industries

CHSB-35 has excellent thickening property. When it is used with AES, AOS, etc. Its thickening property is more outstanding than CAB, especiallyi n fatty acid soaps. It shows low irritation and bactericidal property. It can significantly improve the softness, conditioning and low-temperature stability of the washing products. It also shows superior calcium soap dispersing performance and hard water resistance than CAB-35, BS-12;

CHSB-35 amide type betaine also features better mildness and foam stability, high foaming performance over a wide range of pH, and good foam stability, non-toxicity, low irritancy, ect.

CHSB-35 is widely used in middle and high-grade shampoos and baths. It is the main ingredient used in the preparation of mild baby shampoos, baby foam baths and baby skin care products. It is an excellent soft conditioner in hair care and skin care formulations. It can aslo be used as detergents, wetting agents, thickeners, antistatic agents and bactericides.

Besides, CHSB-35 can also be used in oil field exploitation, functioned as a viscosity reducer, oil displacement agent and foaming agent.

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