Ethyl Iodide

Features of Ethyl Iodide

Product Name: Iodethan

Chemical Formula: C2H5I

Ethyl iodide cas no:75-03-6 / CAS No.: cas 75-03-6

Dangerous Grade: 6.1

Technical Data ofEthyl Iodide





Colorless transparent liquid


Assay(Dried Basis)


Specific Gravity

Distillation Range





No free Iodine

Package and Storage:

100kg/drum or 200kg/drum

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep container closed when not in use

Application /Application Industries:



Organic synthesis

Ethyl iodide (also iodoethane) is a colorless, flammable chemical compound. It has the chemical formula C2H5I and is prepared by heating ethanol with iodine and phosphorus. On contact with air, especially on the effect of light, it decomposes and turns yellow or reddish from dissolved iodine. It may also be prepared by reaction between hydroiodic acid and ethanol distilling off the ethyl iodide. Ethyl iodide should be stored in copper powder to avoid fast decomposition, though even with this method samples don't last more than 1 year.

Because iodide is a good leaving group, ethyl iodide is an excellent ethylating agent. It is also used as the hydrogen radical promoter.

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