Polyether Polyol 8000

Features of Polyether Polyol China 8000
Product Name: Polyether Polyol 8000
Chemical Formula: N/A
Polyether Polyol CAS Number.: N/A
Dangerous Grade: NO
Technical Data of Polyether Polyol 8000
Appearance Transparent
Colority(APHA) ≤50
Hydroxyl value(KOH mg/g) 14±1.5
Viscosity(mPa·s, 25℃) 2000-4000
Water content(%) ≤0.05
Acid value(KOH mg/g) ≤0.08
PH value 5-8

Package and Storage:
200kg/drum or 1000kg/IBC drum
Store in a cool, dry place. Keep container closed when not in use
Application /Application Industries:
PU foams

The polyether polyols with their molecular weight 6000—20000 have the properties of low viscosity, and narrow molecular weight distribution relatively with so high molecular weight. Our company can produce the polyether polyols according to the requirement of customers.

High flash point, flammable. Explosion: no explosion. Use foam, powder, steam and water to put out when it is Firing. Toxicity: almost nonpoisonous. If the products splash on the skin or in the eyes, it must be washed immediately with plenty of water or go to see the doctor.

The products are stored in ventilated and dry warehouse storage at Room temperature. The period of storage is a year. If the specifications are good, it can be used again after a year. Prevent them from rain and relief lightly in transportation. Be sure not to turn upside down. Steel drums with zinc-plated which weight is 200kg.

As one of polyether polyol suppliers, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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