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Diformamidine has a variety of poisoning mechanisms, mainly inhibiting the activity of monoamine oxidase, and inducing excitatory effects on non-cholinergic synapses of the central nervous system of harmful mites. Pest mites that are resistant to other acaricides also have high activity. Bisformamidine is a broad-spectrum acaricide, mainly with contact killing effect, both gastric toxicity, fumigation, refusal to eat, repellent effect, has a certain penetration and systemic properties for plants, effective for young mites, adult mites and mite eggs, effective for pest mites resistant to some other acaricides with good fast-acting and strong holding effect.

Amitraz is a broad-spectrum acaricide. Amitraz is mainly used for the control of mites in fruit trees, cotton, vegetables and other crops, and can also be used for cattle, sheep and other livestock to control ticks.







White to buff crystalloid

Buff crystalloid





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White to buff crystalloid



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