Fiberglass Powder Chopped Strand Mat 300GSM

Fiberglass Powder Chopped Strand Mat 300GSM: High tensile strength,Website:, suitable for use in hand lay-up process to produce large-area parts; Good wet-through and fast wet-out in resins, rapid air lease; High mechanical strength; Superior acid corrosion resistance, Fiberglass mat is compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins. It is designed for use in vacuum, hand lay-up, filament winding, compression molding and continuous laminating processes. Its end-use applications include Nacelle, boats, bath equipment, automotive parts, chemical corrosion resistant pipes, tanks, cooling towers and building components.1. Product DescriptionIt is a non-woven E glass fiber mat by spreading continuous filament roving of 50mm  in length randomly and uniformly bounded by powder or emulsion binder. The mats are compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and PU resins. Mainly used in hand lay-up, filament winding and compression molding processes. The typical FRP products are panels, tanks, boats, complete set of sanitary equipment, automotive parts, cooling towers, pipes etc. The area weight  ranges from 100gsm to 600gsm. The width is from 50mm-3200mm.2. SpecificationItemWeight(g/m2)Binder Content(%)Water Content%Breaking Strength(M/150mm)EMC1001007-12<0.2(powder)<0.5(emulsion)≥40EMC1501507-12<0.2(powder)<0.5(emulsion)≥40EMC2252252-8<0.2(powder)<0.5(emulsion)≥60EMC3003002-8<0.2(powder)<0.5(emulsion)≥60EMC4504502-8<0.2(powder)<0.5(emulsion)≥60EMC6006002-8<0.2(powder)<0.5(emulsion)≥80  CHANGZHOU UTEK COMPOSITE COMPANY CO.,LTDCOMPANY INTRODUCTION:Company NameCHANGZHOU UTEK COMPOSITE CO.,LTDAddressFuhanyuan 1-814,Taihu Road,Changzhou,Jiangsu,ChinaContact PersonNameTelEmail IDMangerGong Xiaojun0086 13357899376gong@utekcomposite.comMangerIrene Xi0086 13961156380irene@utekcomposite.comBusiness ConditionManufactureTradingConsititution of companyPvt.LtdAnnual turnoverUSD10,000,000Company Occupy Areas(M2)3000M2Shower room Occupy Areas(M2)200M2websitewww.utekcomposite.com Customer & MarketingEurope,Asia,America,Middle EastMainly ProductFiberglass chopped strand mat (powder and emulsion), stitch mat, combo mat, uni-direction and biaxial fabric, RTM core mat, woven roving, special products like Ar-glass roving, chopped strand, thin fiberglass fabric, SMC(sheet molding compound), fiberglass/polyester geogrid and geocomposite. fiberglass mica fabric for insulation.Sales Team15(University Graduates)Product Team150Research & Development Team12QC Team8CertificateISO 9001 ,ISO 14001 ,SGSGive us a chance, and we' ll return you with satisfaction.  


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