hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin 7585-39-9

Application of hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin 7585-39-9 1)Agrochemical Industry Use in pesticide industry of cyclodextrin inclusion stabilization,Website:http://www.cydextrin.com, some pesticides can be resistant to storage and increase the insecticidal effect. 2)Flavor & Fragrance Industry As emulsifying stabilizer and thickener. Β - CD hydrophobic cavity structure can inclusion of volatile flavor, cover and eliminate odor, improve the stability of the pigment to increase the solubility of refractory material. 3)Pharmaceutical Industry Is widely used in the field of the Chinese native medicine preparation, can increase the solubility of drugs, improve the stability of the drug to make liquid drug powder, prevent volatile composition volatilizes, reduce irritation and toxicity. 4)Other Industries Stabilizing agent, etc. Has a special smell elimination and hide; Increase with the improvement of food structure; Reduce and get rid of bitter taste; Antioxidant; Maintain and improve the flavor, and so on. Can be used to package to pick up food essence, make it less volatile. Inclusion of natural pigment, vitamins, etc, make its stability soluble. Elimination of aquatic products, animal products, dairy products, soy products and other special smell.


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