Nucleating Agent

INTRODUCTION TO NUCLEATING  AGENT DCC-2Introduction Nucleating agent DCC-2 is the the second generation of sorbitol nucleating transparent agent and the polyolefin nucleating transparent agent largely produced and consumed in the current world. Compared with all the other nucleating transparent agents,Website:, it is the most ideal one that can give the plastic products superior transparency, luster and other mechanical properties.Performance & Indices:ItemsPerformance & IndicesAppearanceWhite powder without peculiar smellLoss on Drying,≤%0.5Melting Point,℃245~255Granularity (Head)≥325Application:Nucleating agent DCC- 2 is used to change the crystallization of the subcrystalline polymer resin and speed up its speed of crystallization. It promotes the resin to crystallize by providing crystal nucleus and makes the structure of the crystal grain fine, thus improving the products’ rigidity, heat distortion temperature, dimension stability, transparency and luster. In addition, nucleating transparent agent ZC-2 can shorten the molding cycle of products, expand the processing conditions and strengthen the smoothness.INTRODUCTION TO NUCLEATING  AGENT DCC-3Introduction Nucleating agent DCC-3 is the G3 methylene diphenyl sorbierite nuleation agent, combining the application feature of the G1 and G2 methylene diphenyl sorbierite nucleation agent, that is, it has not only maintained favorable nucleation efficiency and excellent antireflection and modification effect of acrylic resion endowed G2 nucleation agent ,but reduced the flavor of products at maximum limit, improved and enhanced the thermal stability.Performance & Indices:ItemsPerformance & IndicesAppearanceWhite powder without peculiar smellLoss on Drying,≤%0.5Melting Point,℃255~265Granularity (Head)≥325Application:Nucleating agent DCC-3 is mainly applicable to homopolymerization and railless copolymerization polypropylene products as well as LLDPE film. It can not only directly mix, inject mold or extrude molding with resin,but also mix and make transparent agglomerate(2.5%-5%)with other addictives first, and then mix and use with common polyolepine. The addiction level of Nucleating transparent agent DCC-3 in polypropylene is 0.1-0.3%. Add Nucleating transparent agent DCC-3 to PP powder lot, mix them ,and then conduct processing. Add small amount of white oil to PP powder lot, mix uniformly and then disperse Nucleating transparent agent DCC-3 on them, and intensively agitate. The suggested addiction level of white oil is 20-40ml/50kg PP. Nucleating transparent agent DCC-3 can also been used together with other additives for plastics.Packaging & Storage:20bags per carton box with 5 kgs per inner compound bag,  The nucleating transparent agent DCC-3 is preferably preserved in a cool and dry place. It can be stored for three years before unsealing; and the bag should be tied up if the bag is unsealed and the product is not used up.


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