High Temperature Resistant Pigment And Antiultraviolet-ray Pigment

Hengyi Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional high temperature resistant pigment and antiultraviolet-ray pigment manufacturer, factory, plant and supplier, we are always at your service.ApperienceAppearance: LiquidPackage:5kg/barrel(plastic barrel), 25kg/barrel(plastic barrel)Concentration:30%Types:* Oily(Solvent type)* Water-borne(water-soluble)* Both for Oily and water-borneProduct featureFeatures:* Bright and rich in color* Color clear, acid and alkaline resistant* Solubilities betterProduct applicationSolvent typePaint: metal paint, plastic paint, furniture paint, wood paint, glass paint etc.Ink: metal ink,plastic ink,glass ink, aluminium foil etc.water-soluble type Coating paint: water-soluble furniture paint, water-soluble wood paint, water-soluble glass paint etc.Ink: water-soluble ink,aluminium foil, water-soluble inks etc.Both for Oily and water-borneCoating paint: leather coating, glass paint, furniture paint, wood paint etc.Inks: inks, aluminium foil and other inks etc.high temperature resistant pigmentCoating paint: glass paint, metal paintInks: all kinds of inks, aluminium foil,writing ink etc.Color cardsColors with red, pink, purple red ,bright red, purple, yellow, lemon yellow, Orange, orange red, green bright green, lapis blueAttentions during in pigment usingStir thoroughly before using and adjust the colors Mixture gently after added pigment into paints, otherwise easy to cause off color. If hand brush process, suggested that add the pigment in a small amount to each working procedure, achieved the average color effect step by step, better to avoid color difference Pigment add into transparent paint, increase or decrease in available color fine way to adjust the color depth. In construction of spraying, coating the brilliance average demanding, when sprayed to move steady, one-time spraying should not be too thick, thin and many times spraying to reach the brilliance average color more easily , or colored transparent class will be easy to cause the color shade is uneven. Spray coating the more the thicker, plumpness increased, light will be the more colourful. Tonal reach the requirement, we must spray, with a clear paint to cover light retouching, ensure lasting, bright surface effect better.Paint with pigment, does not reduce the proportion of curing agent, otherwise it will cause different degree of adverse effects such as bleeding


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