Ascorbyl Phosphate

Ascorbyl Phosphate 35% Product Name:Ascorbyl Phosphate 35%Packing:25kgs/bagCAS  NO:362-21-8Molecular Formula:C6H6O9PMolecular Structure:Physico-chemical properties:White PowderPicture:Specifications Ascorbic Acids,Website:, Vitamin C 35% (CAS No.50-81-7) Content(as Vc):35.0%minL-Ascorbate-2-Monophosphate is used as an ideal feed additives in aquaculture and livestock industry. It is a keyvitamin necessary for the growth of living things, which are concerned with many oxidation-reduction reaction in organism with good function of diminishing inflammation, anti-hypersensitivity and detoxification, mainly used to protect and cure scurvy, chronic toxicosis, various anaemia ect.. When added this product feed, greatly improve the disease resistance for livestock and aquatic products. The ordinary vitamin C is unstable under high-temperature, high-humidity, open air, sunshine and during the period of mixing, granulating and storage, 80-98% would be decomposed to loss effectiveness and not suitable for being added in the feed. However, the vitamin C phosphate is of high stability under sunshine, oxygen heat, inorganic salt, PH, water. Its heat and oxygen stability is 4.5 times of ordinary VC and its resistanceresistance to oxidation of aqueous solution is 1300 times of ordinary VC. When added into feed, its stability is more than 800 times of ordinary VC. Therefore, vitamin C phosphate is a new high-stability Vitamin C source added as most scientific and economic addditive in the feed. This product is of high stability and convenient to use with excellent effect. Specification of Vitamin C 35%:ItemsSpecificationsAppearanceAlmost white or yellowist powderIdentificationPositive reactionPH6.0-9.5Loss on drying≤6.0%Heavy metals≤30ppmArsenic≤5ppmContent(as Vc)≥35.0%


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