Defoamer1# Anti-foaming AdditiveProduct IntroductionThis product has good compatibility with various kinds of additives, and a small effect on the air-release value of oils, there is no special request for the adding method. It has excellent oil solubility, and it is convenient to use, and there is no need for diluting. It can be blended in oil directly at the temperature of 60°C-70°C. ApplicationThis product is used as anti-foaming additive for blending all kinds of lubricants, especially for the antiwear hydraulic oils containing T705 and the oils requiring the air emission value. Reference Dosage The dosage of 1# anti-foaming additive generally recommended to blend lubricants is 0.001%-0.02%. Specification ItemTypical ValueTest MethodAppearancetransparent  liquidVisualFlash point (open), °C≥30GB/T267Mechanical impurity, %≤0.02GB/T 511Density (20°C), Kg/m3ReportGB/T2540Anti-foam performance      (24°C, 500SN ), ml/ml100/0GB/T12579Air releasing (500SN), min12SH/T0308Packing & Storage This product should be operated as SH/T0164 during the storage,loading and unloading and oil blending. The highest temperature should not exceed 75 ℃,during long-term storage, the highest temperature should not be more than 45 ℃.This product is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive.In terms of safety, environmental protection and application, it is the same as general petroleum products, there is no need for special protection. The product is packed in bulk.


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