High Viscosity Index Anti-wear Hydraulic Oils

high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oilsT5013 Multigrade Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil Additive PackageProduct Introduction T5013 is a kind of fully formulated additive package developed for the lubrication system of industrial equipment , which is made of extreme pressure and antiwear agent composition, antioxidant compositions, anti-rust and corrosion inhibitor composition, rubber swelling adjusting additives and other auxiliary additives composition.It is suitable for long-life, all-weather hydraulic system lubricant oil production, such as mobile equipment hydraulic system oil, used in excavators, bulldozers, rollers, concrete mixers, high stack machine, port loaders and other mobile equipment, can be also used for the formulation of the lubrication system oil of shock absorbers, jacks, elevator traction machines, injection molding machines, spindle and other specialized industrial equipment. The products meets GB11118.1, Denison HF-0, ISO11158-97, Vickers M-2950-S, Cincinnati Milacron P68 / 69/70, DIN51524 (II) etc. specifications,.meet the requirements of antioxidant and anti rust hydraulic oil, high pressure antiwear hydraulic oil, low-temperature anti-wear hydraulic oil, etc.conventional lubricating oilReference dosageITEMADVICEDOSAGEReference dosage 0.8%(m);      L-HM antiwear hydraulic oil 0.6-0.7%(m);      Special OEM could up to 1.0-1.2%(m).Base oil type applicabilityAPI I, II, III, IV, V group or their mixtureOther additivesMaybe need PPD,VII,no need for antifoam or demulsifying agentoil products could be madeMobile equipment hydraulic system oil, shock absorber oil, jack oil, weaving oil, injection machine oil, spindle oil, elevator traction lubricants,all-weather hydraulic oil, multigrade hydraulic oil, various viscosity grades zinc anti-wear hydraulic oil.Blending temperature   for petroleum products≤ 65 ℃ Specification ItemStandard valueTypical ValueTest methodAppearancetransparent      oily liquidBrown yellow      to red transparent liquidvisualDensity(20℃),kg/m30.990-1.1501.028GB/T1884Flash Point(open),℃≥120℃189℃GB/T267Kinematic Viscosity(40℃),mm2/s40-9058.46GB/T265Zinc,%(m/m)3.5-5.53.62SH/T0226Sulfur,%(m/m)7.0-10.08.40SH/T0253Phosphorus,%(m/m)3.5-5.54.13SH/T0296Nitrogen  ,%,m0.35-0.750.41SH/T0224 Packing & Storage ITEM CONTENTpacking:200L metal drum,net weight 200kg.Storage,loading and unloading it is the same as general petroleum products,could be operated as SH/T0164Dangerous classification:It is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive.      GB 6944-2012 ,in《 Classification and code of dangerous goods 》,This products is non-dangerous goodsUsing contact and Protection :Wear regular labor supplies, general contacts could wash by soapy water , acute oral and eye contact with recommend for medical treatment, no special protection requirements.Warranty period:At room temperature, dry and ventilated, sealed and stored not less than one year


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