Ash Free Antioxidant

Ash Free AntioxidantT323 Ash Free AntioxidantProduct IntroductionT323 antioxidant is a kind of multipurpose ashless additive. It not only has outstanding anti-oxidation performance, but also has great abrasion resistance and extreme pressure properties. Meanwhile, it has excellent compatibility with other additives, can be used for steam turbine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, internal combustion engine oil and other kinds of oil for the improvement of their anti-oxidation and abrasion resistance. It’s also an effective extreme-pressure additive for lubricating grease.Specification ItemsTypical ValueTest MethodsAppearanceLight brown transparent liquidVisualDensity (20°C), kg/m3ReportGB/T 2540Kinematic Viscosity, 100°C, mm2/sReportGB/T 265Nitrogen Content, m%6.30~7.00SH/T0656Sulphur Content, m%26.50~32.50SH/T 0303Flash Point (COC), °C≥ 170GB/T 3536Thermal Decomposition Temperature, °C≥ 240DTAPacking & Storage This product is packed in 200L metal drum (net weight is 180kg/drum) or other proper packing methods conforming to user requirements; it can be transported by truck, railway or ocean shipping;Storage and transport temperature s not exceed 45℃,.Its storage life is 3 years. T323 is non-toxic and non-corrosive, can be thoroughly washed out with detergent in case of skin contact.


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