alkylphenolT123 Super Overbased Sulfurized Calcium Alkyl PhenolProduct IntroductionThis product is a kind of widely used lubricant additive of comprehensive performance, it has extremely good acid neutralization capacity, better antioxidation, abrasion resistance and larger base number than the similar products. It also has excellent detergency and dispersion effects and hydrolysis stability.Specification  ItemsTypical ValueTest MethodsFlash Point, (COC), °C≥ 180GB/T3536 ASTM D92Density (20 °C), kg/m3ReportGB/T2540 ASTM D4052TBN, mg KOH/g290-310SH/T0251 ASTM D2896Calcium, m%≥ 10GB/T17476  ASTMD4951Sulfur, m%2.3-3.5GB/T17476  ASTMD4951Water Content, V%≤ 0.05GB/T260   ASTMD95FeaturesThis product not only has excellent performance, but also has light chroma and extremely low brass/lead corrosion features,it can be used to produce high-grade engine oil .Excellent high-temperature detergency and acid neutralization capacity;Excellent water separation property and anti-foam performance;Low turbidity and good compatibility with various kinds of base oils;Good compatible with other additives.Packing & StorageThe product is packed in 200L metal drum or packed according to the customer's requirements. It shall be transported by container or truck. The product is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive. The storage period is two-year.In case of skin contact, wash it off thoroughly with detergent and water.


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