Hydrochloric acid

 Hydrochloric acid




Hydrochloric acid is one of the most important industrial chemicals and has numerous applications. Both anhydrous hydrogen chloride and aqueous acid are used to produce a large number of chloride salts. The acid also is a common laboratory reagent. Some major applications of hydrochloric acid include processing of ores and extraction of metals from their minerals; in metal cleaning, particularly in steel pickling to dissolve oxide impurities; production of alumina, titanium dioxide, and other metal oxides by various hydrometallurgical processes; production of hydrogen; synthesis of chlorine dioxide; removal of heavy metal impurities from carbon black; activation of bentonite clays; etching of concrete surfaces for finishing operations; and as a catalyst in several organic reactions such as inversion of sugar, hydrolysis of starch to obtain sugar syrup, and esterification of aromatic acids.

Anhydrous hydrogen chloride gas is used to produce phosphonium chloride, PH4Cl, which is a flame retardant for cotton textiles. Other major applications include manufacture of a number of high purity metal chlorides, ammonium chloride, chlorosulfuric acid; recovery of waste metals; preparation of alkyl chlorides and chloroacetic acids; and as a chlorinating agent in organic syntheses.


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