Sinorock SDA bolt is an effective mean of anchoring



Whether you’re in need of helicalpiers or other foundation repair and waterproofing materials, we have you covered with the best products
available. Our extensive relationship with all of our certified brands.Serving a range of industries, our culture of doing whatever it
takes to meet our customer’s requirements has made us a leader in the industry.Sinorock SDA bolt  is an effective mean of anchoring. It
can be used to advanced support and radial support of railways, slope reinforcement, roadbed reinforcement and regulation project of
tunnel disaster.Because of the excellent
thickness seamless steel tube, the convenient and rapid thread forming process on surface and the perfect fittings, SDA bolt
can make the unify of drilling grouting and anchoring come true. We are a trustworthy manufacturer and we promise to supply you with
outstanding products. We will remain in and intend to grow in the ground engineering business, focusing on segments where we have the best
possibilities to develop innovative products that add value for our customers.
Safety is the bedrock of our training and the cornerstone of our technology. We have earned our reputation as one of the safest and most
experienced providers in the Northeast. Since 2011,Sinorock has safely performed more than 1.5 million meters of self drilling rock bolt 
for highways, site developments, tunneling, house lots, utilities, marine and energy work. And through the years, we’ve upheld our
founding principles of honesty, hard work, and quality of service. Our safety credentials are a product of ourcompany culture, our
aggressive training, and setting our own standards for safety above those of the industry. For the full story, please visit the above
Our experience and expertise as a rock blasting company is evidenced by the many years we’ve been at it...close to half a century, the
varied projects we’ve performed, the specialty services we provide, the value added services we've developed, and the industry technology
we’ve pioneered.


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