sodium cinnamate

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CAS No.: 538-42-1

Formula: C9H7NaO2

Molecular weight: 170.1404

Sulfate content: <0.01%

Iron content: <0.1%

Heavy metal content: <0.5%

Total chlorine content: <0.01%

Content: more than 99%

Appearance: White to slightly yellow glittering crystals. It has a sweet balsamic and honeyy smell.

Product use: In the international market, sodium cinnamateis usually used as a raw material for essenceand spices.It is used to prepare artificial ambergris. It is used as a flavoring agent in oriental flavors, and also used as a flavoring material for soap, cosmetic and food fruit flavors.

Detailed description: sweet aroma and honey aroma, like the smell of ambergris. Do not dissolve in water, soluble in ethanol. It is found in Suhe balsam, tolu balsam and Peru balsam. Used to formulate artificial ambergris, also used as

Dingxiang and tone change agent. It is prepared by transesterification of methyl cinnamate with an excess of benzyl alcohol or by the action of sodium cinnamate and benzyl chloride.

Preparation method: reacting cinnamic acid with aqueous sodium carbonate solution, and drying by concentration


Application field








Colorless needle crystal or white crystalline powder

Colorless needle crystal or white crystalline powder

Melting point

Rotation ratio

Relative density

Sulfate content


Iron content


Heavy metal content


Total chlorine content



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