Polyken 360 Tape Using For Corner Boards

If you are looking for China golden supplier and China good supplier polyken 360 tape using for corner boards,Website:http://www.chinapolyken.com, good quality and high quality polyken 360 tape using for corner boards, please feel free to contact Jining Qiangke Pipe Anticorrosion Materials Co.,Ltd.DESCRIPTIONPolyken 360 tape using for corner boards IS cold applied self adhesive aluminium backed flashing in roll form.USES_Window and door openings (headers, sills,jambs, thresholds, nailing flanges)_Deck-to-wall intersections_ Corner boards_Wall-to-wall tie-ins_Sheathing panel seams_ Mobile home repair_Other building joints.COMPOSITIONBacking: Aluminum or PE coated Aluminum or Woven aluminumAdhesive: butyl rubber or butyl bituminous or bitumenRelease Liner: Anti-adhesive PE Film Treated with Silicone.Benefits:The tape can easily bond to metal and other materials.Aluminum foil can effect reflex the heat outside of the car.Soft and durableFeaturesEasy application-- Installationis fast and easy—simply remove the release film and press onto the substrate.Superior adhesion capabilities-- Creates a strong bond to the substrate for long-lasting waterproofingProtection.Excellent sealing performance-- The specially formulated rubberized asphalt adhesive seals around fasteners, allowing no water to penetrate and get to the substrate.Highly conformable and flexible-- Can accommodate settlement and shrinkage movement.Long-lasting waterproofing protection-- Create a water and moisture barrier that does not degrade from the effects of the environment.Technical DatasPROPERTIESTYPICAL VALUESUNITAdhesion30N/cmBreaking Strength40N/cmMoisture absorption0.02%Temperature rangeFor applicationFor maximum service5 to 5093ºCTensile Strength11.00.2b/inkg/mmUV resistanceExcellent--Roll of      Thickness0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.27mm,1.4mm,1.5mm,1.65mm,2.0mmWidth5cm,7.5cm,10cm,15cm,20cm,30cm,40cm,50cm…80cmLength30m,20m,15m,10m,5m


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