Cas NO.: 144-62-7 Appearance : White Crystals Packaging : 25kg plastic woven bag Minimum Order : 5 Tons Shipping Port : Qingdao or Tianjin Packing: 1) In plasticd woven bag 25kg net, lined with PE bag 2) In compound kraft gab 25kg net, lined with PE bag 3) In jumbo bag. Pallet & stretch wrapped. Can be packed with 25mt/20’FCL without pallets,and 20-22mt/20’FCL with pallets Usage: 1. In Metallurgy industry: as precipitating and separating function for Rare-earth metal. 2. In pharmaceutical industry: used in Tetracycline, Oxytetracycline, Phenobarbital, and Borneol, etc. 3. In Light industry: polishing for Marble, rust-remover, bleaching, dirt-remover, leather-processing, wood, and aluminium products etc. 4. In Dyeing and printing industry: as reducing agent for dyeing and printing industry, as bleaching agent for textile, substitute for Acetic acid, as coloring mordant for fast pigment dyestuff. 5. In organic synthetic: used in 2133 resin, Urea-formaldehyde molding powder, Butadiene catalyst, etc. 6. In electron industry: preparation of chemicals raw material for porcelain capacitor, preparation of electron equipment detergent. 7. In other aspects: as analysis reagent, raw material of chemicals. 8. Rust remover


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