Barrel Anchorage Adhesive

Suitable for anchor and rebar embedding in all construction base materials


●Main components: modified epoxy resin, nanomaterials, other additives

●Component A: Component B = 2:1, two-component anchoring adhesive, fast-cure, epoxy-based anchoring adhesive, nearly odorless, non-toxic, no drip, no sag, and easy clean up

●Quick load-bearing after cure, high initial bonding strength, good toughness and anti-pulling capacity

●Low density, excellent thixotropy, smooth, no sediment

●Good resistance to weather, high temperature, age, chemical corrosion, welding, seismic, flame, etc.

●There is almost no shrinkage during curing process

●When properly mixed, adhesive will be an even color for use

●Mixed adhesive should be used up within 10~30 minutes (depending on specific ambient temperature)

●The density is about 1.65~1.70 g/cm3 (cured ), gel time is about 1.5~6 hours

●Barrel package is suitable for applicator gun to inject adhesive


●Suitable for anchor and rebar embedding in all construction base materials, such as cracked and uncracked concrete, granite, etc.

●It almost can be applied to any holes with different diameter and depth

●Suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications

●Suitable for static and seismic loading conditions and heavy-load fixings and fastenings

●Widely used for curtain wall, guard rail, sound barrier, bridge beam, equipment fixing, seismic strengthening, repairing and retrofitting and bracing of reinforced concrete buildings, rebar doweling, connection of post-installed rebars and anchors, etc.

●Wide working temperature range: -5℃~ 40℃, available in all environmental/weather working conditions, including dry concrete, water-saturated and water-filled holes, and underwater environment (choose NJMKT special underwater adhesive), long-term stable loading performance

●NJMKT Epoxy Anchoring Adhesives specialized for low temperature can still keep a perfect performance in the temperature of -5℃, you can choose our special low temperature adhesive depending on your installation condition

:NJMKT develops and manufactures more than 10 kinds of series products:undercut anchors, self-undercutting anchors, undercut panel anchors, carbon fiber plate, structural adhesive, cast-in channelsand so on.


至: Nanjing Mankate Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
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