Standard STEBS Bags (In Stock)

Having corresponding serial numbers, state code, manufacturer code by ICAO and product code printed on the bag, FEGNQI manufacture high-quality standard steb bags for customers purchasing at airport duty-free shop or on board aircraft. FENGQI secure tamper evident bag stebcan uniquely designed and 100% recyclable.

Description of Standard STEBS Bags (In Stock)

Standard STEBS Bags:

FENGQI is a listed of manufacturers of International civil aviation organization (ICAO), eligible to provide secure tamper evident bag steb for the international airport and duty-free shops. Our secure tamper evident bag steb and custom duty-free bag are designed to secure LAGs (Liquids, Aerosols & Gels) purchased at airport duty-free stores. You can customize ICAO bags with your needs at FENGQI.

Multiple warning messages printed in the front and back. ICAO Regulations require strict compliance as follows: Only sealable transparent stebsbagsis authorized for the transport of (LAG's) Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels. After passengers have passed through the security checkpoint, any LAG's are placed into these security tamper evident bag for safekeeping. Security tamper evident bag should be made to the same specifications as used in the EU. FENGQI was the first and is currently the only known manufacturer and supplier of STEB's approved by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) in China. FENGQI complies with the specifications of the specially designed Security Tamper Evident Bag laid out by ICAO.

Security Tamper Evident Bag is Ideal for:

To store important & confidential documents, valuable goods and so on such as governments, banks, finance companies, accountancy and legal firms, laptop, hand disk.

Medical firms such as hospital, clinic, and pharmaceutical industry

Cash in transfer, ATM machine.

Discipline force such as Police, Election, Customs and Prison, etc.

FENGQI is one of the tamper evident tape manufacturersand tamper evident tape suppliers,which offers manufacturing, supplying and exporting of various plastic packaging material, keeps packaging organized with products such as tamper resistant bags and Steb Bags.


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