Ceramic Grinding Ball

One kind of environmental protection and health care ball that is mainly made of the natural nonmetal mineral tourmaline, porcelain clay and high-grade clay by nanometer comminution technology, special formula and agglomeration techniques, and used with the ceramic ball for eliminating bacterium of water purifiers, textile fiber, etc.

Advantages of Ceramic Grinding Ball

Resisting and killing golden staphylococcus≥90%

Resisting and killing Coli bacillus ≥90%

Amount of generating negative ions: 150~300p/s.cm3

Insoluble, gradually releasing mineral substance

Main Ingredients of Ceramic Media Balls

Nanosilver powder: 1%

Maifan Stone: 50~60%

Zinc oxide: about 2.5%

Kaolin: 10~15%

Far infrared powder: 10%

Clay with top-grade: 20~30%

Specifications of Ceramic Grinding Beads

2-4mm,3-5mm,5-8mm, or customized available for this ceramic packing material.

Packing & Storage of Ceramic Grinding Media

Packing with plastic bags, 25kg/bag, or customized

Keep from raining, and avoid moisture. Stored in a dry place.

Use Instruction of Ceramic Grinding Balls

Should wash with clean water for two times in the first, then can be directly used for treating drinking water. Note: the highest using temperature is at 950℃

Before bathing, in order to prevent the small granule ceramic balls from sliding from the nozzle and cause bruise phenomena of the human body it’s better to put one piece of PP cotton filter membrane with about 5µm inner diameter inside.

It’s better not to use acidic liquid shampoo and bath lotion for avoiding that the neutralization between the alkalescence water after treated by the ceramic balls and acidic bath liquid and influence the bathing effect.

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