Matrix body pdc bitsare specialized cutting tools designed for drilling in hard and abrasive formations, typically encountered in the oil and gas industry during the drilling of oil wells. The PDC bit, short for Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Bit, is crafted using a sintering process similar to natural diamond bits. With cast tungsten carbide powder, a recess is formed on its surface for direct composite piece welding. Renowned for its speed, durability, and high feed rate, it's a staple in oil drilling.

Features Of Matrix PDC Bit

Material Composition:

Upper Part: Crafted from robust steel.

Lower Part: Comprised of a tungsten carbide wear-resistant alloy.

Cutting Teeth Integration: PDC cutting teeth are securely affixed to the bit's dedicated grooves using specialized low-temperature welding material.

Erosion Resistance & Longevity: The tungsten carbide body offers supreme hardness and is highly resistant to erosion, ensuring extended bit life and a consistent feed rate.

Application Suitability: The matrix body pdc drill bitis particularly designed for drilling in challenging formations that have high gravel content and substantial compressive strength.

Strength: The inherent strength of the Matrix PDC bitsurpasses that of typical steel body bits.

Cutting Teeth Feature: Incorporation of polycrystalline diamond composite into the cutting teeth ensures enhanced hardness and superior wear resistance.

Features of Matrix PDC Bit

Production And Use Of Matrix PDC Bits

Production method:

Matrix PDC bits, sintered between 1,000 and 15,000 degrees, are engineered from select powders and metallic structures, with precision integration to their joints. The design emphasizes the working surface's geometry, tailored for varied geological formations. The casing, fortified with diamond particles, combines tungsten carbide grains with an appropriate metal binder, achieving a refined sintered finish.

Method of use:

PDC drill bits work best in soft to medium-hard formations with large homogeneous sections. It is not suitable for drilling gravel layers and soft-hard interlaced formations.

Use low drilling pressure, high speed and large displacement drilling, the bit is used effectively.

Before the drill bit is lowered into the well, the bottom of the well should be cleaned to ensure that there is no metal fallout.

When the drill bit first comes down the well, run and use small drilling pressure and low rotational speed, and resume normal drilling after the bottom of the well is formed.

PDC bits are integral bits without any moving parts, which are suitable for high speed turbo drilling.

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